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Pioneer of Sri Sumana Maha Vidyalaya

Paving a great difference to the Sabaragamuwa history Rev. Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Theroarrived to Sabaragamuwa in 1935.His arrival is a major milestone of the uprise of Buddhism in the area. Many people gathered around the thero because of his skillful way of  expressing ideas.In January 1st of 1935 Gnanaseeha thero established a school for priests as “Sri Sumana Pirivena”. Within a very short period he became very popular among the people because of his vast knowledge of Sinhala and Pali languages . As a result thero was invited to teach in Sivali Central College. Many educated people in the district were his students. Sri Sumana Maha Vidyalaya and Sumana Balika Vidyalaya are results of his efforts. In addition to the service done for the Education sector the thero did a great service to uplift the living status of the poor people in the area. When he saw the hard life of the people thero did not hesitate to go and help them to solve thei problems.He treated the poor and the rich alike.Thero never showed any power to innocent people but he never bent his head any politician.  Thero never cared the praise or scoffing.Gnanaseeha thero was a hero among down trodden people.

How Sri Sumana Started It was the time English ruled Sri Lanka. The administration , offices , courts , schools and all the others were under their control.Everything in the country were done in English. There wasn’t a place for Sinhala and Sinhalese. There wasn’t place for Buddhism. There were missionary schools established in most parts of the country including Ratnapura. At that time most people in Ratnapura were in need of Sinhala Buddhist schools.
As a result of the invitation of Ven. Elamaldeniye Sri Sumedhalankara Thero and the people of Mudduwa area Ven. Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Thero arrived to the Ambalama Bomaluwa  at  Mudduwa in 1934. On 1st January in 1935 Thero started a pirivena. It was named as Sri Sumana Pirivena. After 14 years time , as a result of the higher number of laic students in the pirivena Gnanaseeha thero had to start a school for them. So the Sri Sumana Vidyalaya was initiated in 1949. At that time Education in Sri Sumana Vidyalaya was done in Sinhala , English and in Tamil media. On 3rd January in 1961 it was declared as a government school.


Principals of Sri Sumana Maha Vidyalaya



Ven. Henpitagedara Gnanawasa thero

(1956 – 1966.01.08)


Mr. L.D.G. Jayasena

(1966.01.09 –1966.10.14)


Mr. L.A.S.Jayasekara

(1966.10.15 – 1967.08.10)


Mr.L.D.G. Jayasena

                (1967.08.11 - 1968.05.14)


Mr. L.D.S Jayasekara

                (1968.05.15 – 1968.07.04)


Mr. .A.P.Wickramasinghe

                (1968.07.05- 1968 .10.17)


Ven. W. Sumangala thero

                (1968.10.18 – 1969.04.29)


Mr. Jinasiri Wickramarathna

                (1969.04.30 – 1971.01.04)


Mr. L.D. Warnasooriya

                (1971.01.04 -1974.06.18)


Mr. R Pothuwila

                (1974.06.19 – 1974.07.31)


Mr. A.A.M. Hemapala

                (1974.08.01 -1982.10.22)


Mr. Sugath Kamburapola

                (1982.10.23 – 1983.01.16)


Mr. P.A.Karunaratna

                (1983.01.17 – 1988.06.14)


Mr. B.A.Munamalpe

                (1988.06.15 – 1991.01.01)


Mr. H.G.S.Wijayawardhana

                (1991.01.02 – 1993.10.04)


Mr. Ranjith Weerasooriya

                (1994.10.05 – 2002.07.04)


Mr. Mr. P. Premarathna

                (2002.07.05 – 2008.01.30)


Mr. D.K.Siripala

                (2008.01.31 – 2008.03.10)


Mr. W. Kamalawansha

                (2008.03.11 – up to now)




Pioneer of Sri Sumana Maha Vidyalaya

Rev. Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Thero

Let us be a generation
Of humanity,
Full of wisdom and virtue,
With a keen sense
Of the right and wrong
Striving to contrive
The mind and the intellect
In a manner,

To hatch a new citizen, Loving peace and harmony, Armed with Knowledge , positive attitudes Creative skills and investigative mind , benevolent in self….. Such is our aim

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